Thousands of schoolchildren in Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t have their own laptop or tablet. They’re denied the tools they need to develop computer skills, or even do what the rest of us take for granted - communicate and share information online with their peers. The COVID-19 pandemic deepened their isolation. Their needs were ignored. The Institute for Youth Development KULT recognised this problem faced by underprivileged youth and donated more than 600 tablets and laptops with the help of our partners and various donors. We personally delivered them to the children and told them it’s theirs to keep. We didn’t forget their need for socialisation either. We were able to stay in touch with them thanks to their new computers and tablets. We received overwhelming positive feedback. With the help of his new tablet, a 15-year-old boy from Tarcin achieved an A average this year, and a girl from the village Cerska can now communicate online with classmates and her family abroad. Some of the children even aspire to be IT experts and programmers.

We don’t want to stop at 600! We know that there are still hundreds of girls and boys who remain cut off from the online world. Technology makes cryptocurrencies possible, it lets us communicate quickly and easily in our private and professional lives, it improved the quality of our life and became a mainstay of modern life. Access to technology is a must for harnessing the potential of the digital age. Search for our hashtag #darujzanastavu to see how we’ve been helping these schoolchildren. Visit this link for more information.