A Free-Access Community Library, an initiative to give children in Kachumbala and the surrounding areas in Bukedea district a center to access educational materials. Offering a space where children can come to learn, using the books and material we provide. We want to make reading itself more attractive, with also providing storybooks like fairy tales and books in their local language. Organizing reading afternoons, quizzes, and much more. Since the lockdown due to Corona, where schools were closed for almost one year, we realized how important the access and the use of the internet even for the children in the village is. That’s why we would love to give training in how to use computers and tablets and provide internet for their self-learning. From this section, not only the children and youth would benefit, but training and workshops for computer skills and how to use the internet can also be done for adults as well.

We also believe this community library project will give the children a fair chance and competitive advantage during the end of the year promotional exams with children in urban areas who have access to these resources in their homes and schools.

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