Global Heritage Fund operates in a dynamic matrix, with the knowledge that cultural heritage does not exist in a vacuum. Global Heritage Fund’s work intersects with today’s most pressing global issues including economic disparity, gender inequality, environmental stewardship, and sustainable travel. 


  • Economic Opportunity

Communities entwined with these singular structures of incalculable cultural significance too often find themselves displaced by outsiders capitalizing on the tourist dollars that result from heritage conservation. We design programs to ensure that locals benefit directly and can continue to support themselves with dignity in the future.


  • Environmental Resilience

Traditional techniques have allowed villagers for centuries to build without depleting natural resources. As a resource and a repository of knowledge collected from around the world, Global Heritage Fund works to document and share traditions that offer priceless lessons on social resilience and climate adaptation.


  • Community Transformation

At each project site, we meet with families, craftspeople, and elders. We listen to the men and women who live their vibrant heritage every day. Through these encounters, we better understand local conditions then calibrate our programs to meet their distinct social, economic, and environmental needs.


  • Innovation

Our mobile application AMAL in Heritage leverages technology to provide a user-friendly documentation platform for disaster management. This tool for preparedness, response, and recovery endows people living alongside our work as the rightful protectors and owners of their heritage. A creative, technology-driven solution where expertise can be shared, and communities empowered and engaged, AMAL has evolved into an especially valuable tool during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns as crowd-sourcing gains more widespread traction.

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