We are duly registered nonprofits making organization in Nigeria with registration No: 131317. The foundation was borne out of patriotic spirit to contribute to the welfare of children, youth and women, in its focus area to ensure healthy development among them. SDGs, we want to reach 10 million Nigerians before 2030.


Covid-19 pandemic has a devastating effect all over the world including Nigeria. Millions of vulnerable  Nigeria children, youth and women are dying of hunger, lack access to good health care and many will drop out of school whenever school resume due to financial constraints in their home. As a result, they suffer from adverse effects and their life become like hell.  Our communities face serious life challenges on a daily basis that without humanitarian assistance are unable to break the circle.


Without your donations and our support, many of these people would be hungry, drop out of school, unemployed and lack quality health care. Let’s take action to change these lives.

We in Helpers Social Development Foundation (HSDF), believe that Cryptocurrency donation will increase the scope of well-meaning initiatives in Nigeria.


Your Cryptocurrency donation will help to save lives and also restore hope in Nigeria. Consider donating your Cryptocurrency directly to HSDF to support children, youth and women affected by Covid-19 pandemic. Your support will go a long way to eradicate poverty in Nigeria. Millions of Nigeria children, youth and women need your support to survive. Your cryptocurrency donation will make a difference. No amount is too small to help the needy.


We Are Tax-exempt Charity

Please consider donating your tax-deductible crypto donation to HSDF today.



If you donate to our organization using cryptocurrency, we will organize a radio programme to inform Nigeria citizens about cryptocurrency and why they should start transacting with cryptocurrency.

We are going to create more awareness in any community we implement the project through cryptocurrency donations support in Nigeria. Our media team will also create more awareness online on how cryptocurrency is helping to eradicate poverty in Nigeria through crypto Giving Tuesday.



Working towards creating opportunities for children, youth and women to have benefit in the realm of education, quality health care delivery and programmes of economic empowerment through its initiatives.



To see a society where children, youth and women have access to social amenities in relation to good health care delivery, economic empowerment and sound education irrespective of their religion or tribe.

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