International Friendship Association (IFA) was founded on 5 January 2017 in Frankfurt am
Main as a non-profit organization (gemeinnützige GmbH) and legally registered on 20 April
2017. IFA promotes immigrant's intercultural integration in Germany and supporting orphan
children and marginalized women in Ethiopia through community-based development aid.
Women in Sub Saharan Africa particularly in Ethiopia have been exposed to socio-economic
vulnerability due to extreme poverty and inherited socio-cultural marginalization. Rural women
remain a disadvantaged segment of Ethiopia society. The project area is characterized with a
typical rural setting with the women and girls of the area mostly involved in household chores,
having no say in the family affairs. Excluded from receiving basic education and entirely
dependent on their male counterparts, exposed to domestic violence and are not allowed to step
out of their houses.
The intervention of this project is highly expected to change the marginalized women’s mood of
life. So, it must get due attention from all stakeholders and development partners. Further neglect
would maximize the poverty of this vulnerable group of women and their dependency at
unmanageable magnitude.
The empowerment of women is one of the solutions to the problems of inequality, subordination,
and marginalization that women face in the society. To strengthening and empowering the
livelihood of marginalized women through this campaign, International Friendship
Association (IFA) will create women Self Help Groups to change their status of socio-economic
conditions, maximizing their productivity, creating access to functional Adult literacy program,
skill training, and various income-generating schemes through sustainable means to support
themselves and to be economically self-reliant.
Therefore, your kindly Crypton donations, grants, legacies, gifts, and project funding allows us
to address the needs of marginalized Ethiopian women. All Funds which are spent through this
campaign directly go to the beneficiaries and change their lives. Any kind of support is
something special for IFA’s program whatever it is, small or big. We are so grateful to you for
standing with Ethiopian needy women.