In this transparency donation platform people can donate directly to charities for generic causes or to other entities (such as civil protections, hospitals, municipalities..) involved in the emergency management.
Even single users affected by a catastrophe can directly receive donations, so it's possible to further reduce the middlemen chain.
Donors can track the donations in real time and monitor the use of funds thanks to the Bitcoin blockchain.

We care about security: people can donate using 30+ crypto, but the amount is instantly exchanged in Bitcoin. Therefore, charities manage a non-custodial, multisignature bitcoin wallet, specifically designed for their needs.

Helperbit opens the path to a cultural change in charity sector and emergency relief.
Our vision is to improve the conditions of those affected by emergencies, using cutting edge technologies to obtain highly effective results in a short time and with maximum transparency.

The company was awarded as the best Fintech startup by EU Commission and was selected in the top 100 innovative projects for the World Humanitarian Summit, which was sponsored by the United Nations.